Friday, April 20, 2012

Broken Computer

I accomplished the inevitable this week. I knew it would happen, but was hoping it would be delayed as long as possible. I was in a rush and dropped my computer – my new computer that I had owned for barely a year.

As I went pick it up off of the ground, I said a little prayer and hoped it wasn’t broken. Good news, it still worked; bad news, the glass cover over the screen was cracked. Not only did I use it for keeping in touch with friends and checking up on my shows on, but I also need it for work.

So, I quickly made an appointment at the store where I bought it, hoping they would be able to tell me it could be saved at a reasonable price; in different words, they basically said I was better off getting a new one. Next, I found the most reputable repair company I could and sent them a request for a quote; I was given the same reply that I had previously received.

Monday, April 02, 2012

Krazy Kardashian’s

I am a sucker for bad reality television. I simply cannot help myself. One of the shows I was sucked into watching after upgrading my satellite with was anything and everything about the Kardashian family. From Khloe and Lamar, Kim and Kourtney Take New York to Keeping Up with the Kardashians, I must watch them all because I find the entire family mildly entertaining on many levels.

The most recent spectacle that caught my eye was the Kim andKris wedding special and quick divorce announcement. Although there is speculation that the entire wedding was a PR stunt, it still does not take away from the “kraziness” surrounding Kim’s big day and her even bigger divorce announcement. When watching the wedding special, I was amazed at how lavish and extravagant every detail was.

From the three bridal gowns, to the flowers, to the rhinestone details at every turn - this Kardashian event was not one to be missed. Now, the family has me more hooked than ever to stay tuned and see what happens next!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Texas Facts!

If you’ve never been to Texas, there are probably a lot of things about this state you didn’t even know. For example, did you know Texas energy’s deregulated which means you can choose a provider from lists on sites like

If you’re coming here for the first time you’ll definitely want to hit up Dallas – it’s like the New York of the south! There’s a great zoo, world class shopping and of course, professional sports if you’re into that kind of thing. Head down to San Antonio to check out the Alamo and learn about how Texas once became its own country.

When you’re done there you may want to make your way to Austin to learn what being “weird” is all about! If you like live music you’ll love it here and with so many great beer specials and cheap food for college kids you’ll never go hungry. There’s a lot to do in Texas so come and stay a week or maybe for your lifetime…we’d love to have you down here! Yeehaw!